According to folklore, Arthur's Stone marks the spot of one of King Arthur's battles...

It is a multi-chambered tomb of the neolithic period (New Stone Age) dating from between about 3700 and 2700 BC.

Neolithic people were the first inhabitants of Britain to farm the land and make pottery, but they had not yet discovered the use of metal. They lived in small communities of 25 to 100 people.

A tomb such as this was used as a communal burial vault and probably contained the dead of several generations; as well as grave goods such as pots, stone beads and flint arrowheads.

The mound which once covered the tomb has now largely eroded away and many of the stones were removed in the 19th century. However what remains is evidence of the importance the builders placed on the burial of their dead - the raising of such large stones with only simple tools was a considerable feat.